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Kennel Club of
Palm Springs, Inc.

January 2023

The Empire Polo grounds were the very best ever.  The weather was great on Fri, Sat & Sun.  Thurs reminded us that it was wintertime in the desert with intermittent cloudy skies and a few very light showers in the late morning and early afternoon.

The KCPS New Year Classic was at its best.  Great entry numbers, back to pre-pandemic levels

Sat 3416 & Sun 3282.  Results can be found at the website.

Judge Alvin Eng reported that AKC Region 9 Obedience competition produced a perfect score!

Regional qualifiers:


In First Place -

Competition arm band numbers 173 / 279 

OTCH 3 TANBARK'S WE'RE GOOD TO GO UDX3, OM5 WCX OBHG JH. - A Golden Retriever owned and handled by Theodore Stirm of Livermore, CA.    Scoring  1197 points out of a possible 1200.


Second Place -

Competition arm band numbers 176 / 283

OTCH 5 SUNFIRE'S PRIDE AND JOY UDX4 OM6 BN RM OAAX - A Golden Retriever owned and handled by

Kathy Klein of Escondido, CA.    Scoring  1194.5 points out of a possible 1200.


Third Place -

Competition arm band numbers  183 / 288

OTCH REDTOP BRIO UDX11 OGM - A Border Collie owned and handled by Louise Fox Meredith of Tehachapi, CA.

Scoring  1180 points out of a possible 1200.


Fourth Place -

Competition arm band numbers  180 / 287

OTCH SPIRIT'S VICTORIOUS VIXEN UDX8 OGM MX MXJ RAE NF SWA - A golden Retriever owned and handled by Kathleen Moore of Norco, CA.  Scoring  983 points out of a possible 1200.


Our Thanks to Alvin Eng, Linda Hause and Bonnie Lee, for judging the obedience and rally classes.

October 2022

The Kennel Club of Palm Springs thanks everyone who participated in our 2022 New Year Classic!  The weather was perfect, our venue was gorgeous with outstanding facilities, rock solid & exemplary judges, gracious & exuberant exhibitors, and wonderful & appreciative spectators!  What more could we ask for?

How about bigger & better for 2023?

The 2023 Show Committee has been busy at work organizing our next show!  We look forward to seeing each of you and your dog(s) again!

Sandra Groeschel

2023 KCPS Show Chair


Thursday 5 Jan 

18 Breed Specialties

3 Group Shows

Friday 6 Jan

14 Breed Specialties

5 Group Shows

Obedience & Rally Trials

Saturday 7 January

3 (+ 1) Designated Specialties

All-Breed Dog Show

Obedience & Rally Trials

Sunday 8 January

All-Breed Dog Show

Obedience & Rally Trials

6 - 8 January

AKC National Obedience Championship Reg 9 Qualifying Event

7 January

BPUP- 4-6 Mo. Puppy

8 January

Pee Wee - No Preregistration


Kennel Club of Palm Springs Supported Entries on

Saturday and/or Sunday

All clubs listed below are supporting both Saturday & Sunday unless otherwise noted


American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Riv/San Bern

Aztec Doberman Pinscher Club of San Diego (Sun)

Australian Terrier Club of America

Belgian Tervuren Club of So CA

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America (Sat)

Boxer Club of San Fernando Valley (Sat)

Boxer Club of Southern California (Sat)

California English Setter Club (Sun)

Cane Corso Association of America (Sun)

Chinese Crested Club of So CA

Chow Fanciers Asso. of So CA (Sat)

Desert to Sea Chinese Shar-Pei Club of Riverside/Orange Co.

German Short. Pointer Club of Orange Co (Sun)

German Shorthaired Pointer Club of So Cal (Sat)

Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles

Greater San Diego Whippet Club

Inland Empire English Setter Club (Sat)

Irish Setter Club of Southern California

Labrador Retriever Club of So. California

Los Angeles Doberman Club (Sat)

Miniature Bull Terrier Club of So CA (Sun)

Newfoundland Club of America

Orange Coast Bull Terrier Club

Pacific Coast Bulldog Club (Sat)

Palms to Pine Australian Shepherd Club

Papillon Club of Southern California (Sat)

Papillon Club of American (Sun)

Samoyed Club of Los Angeles (Sat)

Samoyed Club of San Diego (Sun)

San Diego Rhodesian Ridgeback Club

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America (Sat)

So CA Beagle Club (Sat)

So CA Gordon Setter Fanciers

Southwestern Rottweiler Club of San Diego



Larry Dorn is our Vendor Chair. For all information on Vendors and applications etc. please contact Larry at (760) 333-1961 or




Day-of-Show Parking: From Monroe, turn right onto Horse Show Road

1. Day-of-show parking for cars and small vans may be on grass. No setups allowed in day-of-show parking area.

2. All parking on streets adjacent to the show site will be subject to local regulations and restrictions.

3. No un-entered dogs will be allowed on the show grounds.

4. Unloading zones will be indicated; cars may not be left unattended.  Cars are not to be left in unloading zone for more than 15 minutes.  Please unload and move your vehicle from the loading zone to the general parking area, as directed, and return to your dog(s) and equipment. 

5. Guards will be on duty Friday and Saturday nights and on the days of the shows, but neither KCPS nor Empire Polo Club can be responsible for any personal property left unattended under grooming tents.

6. No exercise pens/setups will be allowed within 20 feet of any ring, in the center aisles, or in any other area posted "No Setups".

7. Dogs/crates are allowed under main tents ONLY during judging for that breed – NO EXCEPTIONS - unattended dogs/crates will be removed by KCPS.  One crate per dog will be permitted in the center aisle, and it must be removed immediately after each dog is excused from further judging on that day.  No crates are to be left overnight. NO UNATTENDED SOFT CRATES ARE ALLOWED ON THE SHOW GROUNDS.

8. Grounds will not be available for setups until 3 PM Wednesday. This time may be modified at the discretion of the Show Committee. There may be some distance from setup area to your ring(s).  Please allow enough time to get to your ring on time.

9. Events or circumstances not covered in these operating policies and procedures may be subject to special consideration and stipulations, as deemed appropriate by Empire Polo Club management.

10. There will be chairs available at ringside; however, KCPS cannot guarantee that there will always be chairs available at every ring, as needed.  Exhibitors are encouraged to bring their own chairs.

11. Areas that are not marked RESERVED or marked “NO SET-UPS” are for “No cost” grooming. No set-ups are allowed in aisles or within 20 ft. of a ring.  Exhibitors are encouraged to bring their own shade for these areas.  Please make the best possible use of those areas and be considerate of others.

12. No Smoking under tents per Empire Polo Grounds.

13. NO Flexi Leads allowed on show grounds during show hours.

14. All Grooming is to be done in Provided Areas away from any ring.






Due to fire, health and safety regulations from the Riverside County Fire Marshall’s Office, NO PERSONAL GENERATORS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE SHOW GROUNDS (except for KCPS & contracted KCPS business entities and built-in RV units in Standard Overnight RV Parking).


ALL Tented Reserved grooming spaces will have power and lights.  Grooming lights will be functional in all grooming tents.  Lights will be on starting at 6AM Thursday through Sunday and will be turned off at 8PM Thursday through Saturday; grooming lights will be off on Sunday at beginning of Best in Show.   Grooming Spaces are rented in blocks of 4 days for all days of the show; rentals for shorter periods are not being offered. If an exhibitor wishes to rent grooming space for less than 4 days, they will need to partner with other grooming exhibitors to share costs and schedules for a space. 


  • The cost for each space for 4 days with 20-amp power $170.00.

  • Grooming power is available from Wednesday, January 5th by 3PM until Sunday, January 9th at 6PM. 

  • Grooming space rentals can be made by visiting

  • You will need to have a three (3) prong, 50 Ft. extension cord to access power from the distribution box(s) to your space.  

  • All reserved, tented grooming spaces are 10’ x 10 feet. They will be available for occupancy after 3 PM on Wednesday, January 5th.  Power will be available same day by or before 5PM.


Neither the Kennel Club of Palm Springs, Group clubs, specialty clubs and members or service providers assume any responsibility for damage/theft of personal property or injury to dogs at the show. X-pens placed in your space under the tent must have plastic sheeting come up the sides’ approximately 18” on the backs and sides of exercise pens. X-pens placed adjacent to the grooming tents MUST not block aisle or access to grooming spaces. Please keep your area clean and picked up. The grooming tents will be checked each night for cleanliness. The Show Chairman and Show Committee reserve the right to make all decisions concerning assignment of the reserved grooming spaces.


CLUB ACTIVITY SPACES (CAS) (without power and no tenting provided)

are available ONLY to specialty clubs participating in the show.  This area will not be available to private individuals.   CAS spaces will be 10” X 10 feet.  CAS spaces are not to be used for grooming and no personal generators will be allowed.   There are a limited number of CAS spaces, so reservations are on a “first come, first serve” basis.   Clubs will need to bring their own canopies (i.e., EZ-Ups), chairs, tables, etc. Costs for the CAS spaces are $100.00 each for the 4-day show weekend with a maximum of 4 spaces per club. For reservations or information, please contact FRANCIS CONNER at .




Online Grooming Reservations (

RESERVE YOUR SPACE ONLINE at  Online grooming reservations begin October 14, 2022.  Late fee of $20 per 10x10 will be added for reservations received after November 30, 2022. Online grooming reservations will close when all spaces are sold or December 14, 2022, whichever comes first.  Please select the grooming tent you want to be under. The Committee will arrange reservations under the tents. Please note on your online form if you have box truck parking. If you wish to be adjacent to another exhibitor, please make your online reservations together or indicate request online in comments section. If you reserve different tents, we cannot move you next to one another.


Mailed in reservations - There is no guarantee on tent location when mailing reservations.  The Online Reservation System website is highly recommended when making your reservation. If you wish to be adjacent to another exhibitor, please send or make your reservations together or indicate request online in comments section. Every effort will be made to optimize the placement of your space. Exhibitors should have no expectation of being adjacent to any specific exhibitor or ring.  One check and form per space or person.  Request to set up next to each other must be mailed in the same envelope (No exceptions).  All attempts will be made to accommodate requested locations but with No Guarantees.   Mailed in reservations should note the tent location preferences.  If your desired tent is sold out, the next closest tent will be used.  If all of our reserved spaces are filled, your request and payment will be returned.  RESERVE YOUR SPACE ONLINE at



Day crating areas may only be used during the judging of that breed. The Show Committee reserves the right to consolidate spaces or move exhibitors’ items to accommodate other exhibitors.  NO ELECTRICAL HOOKUPS, USE OF DRYERS, TRIMMING OR SCISSORING, BATHING OF DOGS OR OVERNIGHT SETUP IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED IN THE DAY CRATING AREAS OF THE MAIN SHOW TENTS.   ALL AISLES MUST BE KEPT CLEAR.  



Although grooming reservations are recommended at our show, the Kennel Club of Palm Springs has No Cost grooming areas without power, in selected grass areas.  Non-Reserved Grooming areas will be available for set up after 2PM on Wednesday or when released by the Show Committee. Non–reserved grooming is available in areas not marked “RESERVED GROOMING”, not marked as “NO SET-UPS”  No Set-Ups or Grooming area allowed in the main aisles or fire lanes.  All grooming areas must be at least 20 ft. from the rings. Spaces may be limited – arrive early. Please bring your own shade. ALL GROOMING UNDER TENTS IS PAID GROOMING WITH POWER. There ARE NO FREE GROOMING AREAS UNDER THE GROOMING TENTS. The show Committee reserves the right to consolidate spaces to accommodate exhibitors.


Reservations for Tented & Powered Grooming must be received no later than November 30, 2022. A late fee of $20 per 10x10 will be added for reservations received after November 30, 2022.

Fees will not be refunded and reservations cannot be changed after December 6, 2022.


(There will be unloading areas at each end of the show grounds.)

Some parking areas may be some distance from your ring(s).  Unloading areas are provided on the West and East sides of the showgrounds.  After unloading and when parked in the DAY OF SHOW parking areas, shuttle services will be available for the movement people.  Please be aware that the shuttle services are primarily for people and are very limited in the transporting of dogs or equipment.   Therefore, if you will need the shuttle services, be sure to unload all dogs and equipment from the Unloading Areas to your set-up space.


Please follow the instructions of parking attendants.  The time limit in the unloading/loading areas is 15 mins.  With no exceptions.   Day-of-Show parking will be $20.00 per parking space.  Vehicles requiring more than one space (motor homes, etc.) will be parked in the Day-of-Show overflow parking lot and will be charged $20.00 per space used. No overnight parking will be allowed in the Day of Show parking lots.  Anyone not following KCPS rules risks having his/her vehicle towed at owners’ expense. 

Any abusive behavior, toward parking attendants, other exhibitors, judges, ring staff, or any others WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.    KCPS and Empire Polo Club assume no responsibility for fire, theft or damage to vehicles, cargo, and/or personal property whether legally or illegally parked.  Overnight parking is not permitted on the streets in Indio.


Towing Policy Cars parked in the unloading zone for more than 20 minutes will be towed without any public announcement. Please be considerate of other exhibitors or club officials who need to load & unload dogs, equipment, trophies, etc also.

The towing fee will be $100.00, plus the $20 day-of-show parking fee. $120.00 TOTAL payable immediately. 




  • Powered RV Overnight Parking spaces with 30-amp power service will each be charged $150.00/day-night for both the RV parking space and the power hook-up.

  • Powered RV Overnight Parking spaces with enhanced 50-amp power service will each be charged $225.00/day/space for both RV parking and power. 

  • Non-Powered RV Overnight Parking spaces without power service will each be charged $75.00/day-night. Non-Powered RV Overnight parking can use the built-in RV generator that is in-board to your RV. 

  • Grooming spaces are $170.00 for the 4 days of the show.  Each space is under a grooming tent, they are 10’ X 10 feet in size and powered with 20-amp service.  Each space holder must bring their own 50 foot, 3-pronged power cord to connect to the power boxes.

  • Requests for Powered RV Overnight parking spaces received after Dec.14, 2022 or on arrival, will be charged at $20.00 more per night.

  • Power will be connected to the RV spaces by running your 50 foot 3-pronged power cord from a power distribution box to your space; one distribution box per every 4 RV spaces.   Therefore, no more than 4 power cords can be run to any distribution box.  A 50 ft. three prong/grounded extension cord will be required to access electrical power in grooming tents and Powered RV Overnight RV parking spaces.  50-foot power cords will be available for purchase at the KCPS Club table, if needed. 

To pay for Powered and Non-Powered RV Overnight Parking, please make your check payable to KENNEL CLUB OF PALM SPRINGS, but mail it to Ron Mattson.  NO ELECTRICAL POWER REFUNDS WILL BE MADE AFTER THE SHOW CLOSES. Any damage to CES POWER SERVICES equipment will be the responsibility of the user. Payment must be made at the time of the occurrence.



There are two Overnight RV Parking areas:  The Main RV Parking area is located on the South side of the show grounds south of the wall that separates the grass-area from RV parking.  If the Main RV Parking area is at capacity, a second Overflow RV Parking area will be located on the north side of the showgrounds area and will be serviced by a regularly operating shuttle.  

In the Main RV Parking area will be in two (2) sections.

  • Powered RV Parking spaces will be located on the north side of the Main RV Parking area and closest to the showgrounds.  

  • Non-Powered RV Parking spaces will be located adjacent to and immediately south of the Main RV Parking area.  The operating of built-in RV generators for power is acceptable but only in the Non-Powered RV Parking area. 

RV parking spaces are on compacted earth.  There is never to be dumping of “gray water”, sewage or other effluent other than clean water onto the grounds. 


Please note the following parking suggestions, requirements, and restrictions:

  1. Those wishing to park together in groups must do the following:

  1. Indicate their group name and members on the RV Overnight Parking Reservation Form located on the bottom of this section of the Premium List.   

  2. All RV Parking Group members must be fully paid before the payment submittal deadline. 

  3. Group members must ALL be reserved for the Powered RV Parking area or the Non-Powered RV Parking Area, but not a mixture of both.  We will not be able to accommodate a group for mixed powered and non-powered parking. 

  1. Space changing will not be permitted once assigned.  All vehicles must park as directed by parking personnel.

  2. Confirmation of your reservation will be sent to you by email.   If you do not have an email address, then please indicate this and we can send you your reservation receipt via US mails.

  3. All personal generators are not permitted.

  4. Built-in RV generators are permitted.

  5. All tag vehicle operators will be required to purchase a tag vehicle pass ($40.00 prepaid or $80.00 at time of arrival) for the entire weekend).

  6. Tag vehicles must fit into assigned space, not aisle parking.

  7. Any motor home over 40’ long must purchase two spaces.

  8. Any truck & trailer over 40’ must purchase two spaces or unhook; note on form.

  9. All RV parking spaces are 22’ wide by 40’ long. Box Van spaces are 22’ x35’. Motor homes over 40’ long will be parked in designated rows.

  10. No foul or abusive language will be tolerated; anyone not following parking rules will be asked to leave, and no refunds will be given.

  11. Power-Driven (i.e., gasoline or electric, including electric scooters) convenience vehicles are forbidden on the showgrounds (i.e., the grass areas).  Power-Driven mobility vehicles that are required for handicap mobility are allowed as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”).

No parking refunds will be made after close of entries. To avoid a late fee, parking reservations must be received by December 14, 2022.  Reservations received after that date will charged an additional $20.00 per night. 


 Kennel Club of Palm Springs Reserved Overnight Parking


KCPS and Empire Polo Club assume no responsibility for fire, theft or damage to vehicles,  cargo, or personal property whether your vehicle(s) are legally or illegally parked.


NAME: __________________________________________________


GROUP NAME (If Applicable): ___________________________________________________


SIGNATURE: _________________________________________________________________


ADDRESS:  ______________________________________________


CITY:  STATE: ___________________ ZIP: ____________________


PHONE: _________________ CELL: _________________ EMAIL: ______________________


VEHICLE SIZE: ____________UNHOOK:____________      TAG: _______________________


CHECK DAYS: WED. _____          THURS_____           FRI_____           SAT_____




“PREFERRED” POWERED RV PARKING @ 30 AMPS - $150.00/space/day _____________          


“STANDARD” NON-POWERED RV PARKING - $75.00/space/day _______________


“PREFERRED” POWERED RV PARKING @ 50 AMPS - $225.00/space/day  ____________           




MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO “KENNEL CLUB OF PALM SPRINGS” and enclose with this RV reservation form.  Again, do not make your check out to Ron Mattson but to the “Kennel Club of Palm Springs”.




For additional information, please call Ron Mattson at 805.231.8408, or email Ron at .

More About Kennel Club of Palm Springs

Membership & Meetings

Kennel Club of Palm Springs is an open membership club with current members in the Palm Springs area, the
High Desert and other Southern Californian locations.  Our members are breeders, exhibitors and companion dog owners devoted to dogs and their welfare.  Prospective members are encouraged to attend meetings to meet the membership and become familiar with the way in which the club operates. 

Contact Toni Johnson at

Club Activities & Training Classes

The next series of Obedience classes begin in the Fall of 2022.  The first class, TBA, is an introduction, orientation, & information class only WITHOUT DOGS-do not bring your dog to the first class.  Bring your dog's current vaccination records which must be up to date to participate in these training classes.  Classes are held at the Palm Springs Police Dept. at 200 Civic Dr., Palm Springs, CA.  Classes will be conducted in the K9 Training yard on the north side of the Police Dept.  Parking is available by the training yard. 

Mr. Rick Klassen will return to teach our classes in the Fall of 2022.  The course is 8 weeks, and the cost is $120.00 cash or check only.   

For information regarding these Obedience classes, contact instructor, Rick Klassen at (760) 402-2603.

For information regarding other training classes, contact Merilynn Hurd (760) 333-4466.


HISTORY of the Kennel Club of Palm Spings

Organized in 1978 by Robert and Lois Waters, Margaret and Fred Young and Major and Beatrice Godsol to educate members and the general public about purebred dogs, to conduct purebred dog activities and to promote
sportsman-like competition at these events.

The Kennel Club of Palm Springs is very proud of our annual AKC Licensed All Bred Dog Shows, Obedience and Rally Trials held the first weekend in January at the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio. This prestigious show is considered
the opening event of the dog show year. Our first American Kennel Club licensed show was held
at the Palm Springs Pavilion on January 8, 1984, with 2183 entries. Best in Show was judged by Robert Waters. The Show Chairman was Jim Hohe, and Assistant Show Chair was Lilian Barber. The first back-to-back shows were
held in January 1994.


Kennel Club of Palm Springs Dog Shows are listed among the four largest shows in the country by the AKC and the largest show West of the Mississippi!  Also known as the New Year Classic, it is also one of the top listings on the "bucket list" of most dog show exhibitors! No other show has a more gorgeous show venue with weather to match.  There are now five group shows with more than 35 breed specialties during the four days of shows, resulting in majors, majors, majors! There are also Obedience and Rally competitions throughout the weekend.  The 40-acre venue includes manicured polo field grounds and extensive areas of tented rings, aisles and grooming areas.  Ample daily and overnight parking is available.  The New Year Classic is the first weekend of January.  Mark your calendars now and plan on joining us each year for the best dog show experience ever!  Looking forward to having your dogs and you join us in the beautiful Sonora desert! 

For additional information or questions, please contact

the KCPS Corresponding Secretary,

Jill Hopper

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